Windows Mixed Reality: An Evolution for Education.

Windows Mixed Reality: An Evolution for Education.

HoloElements by the Code Cadets, featured by Microsoft.

The Code Cadets were fortunate to be featured in two Microsoft videos about HoloLens — with particular focus on HoloElements, an app which the Code Cadets have written for HoloLens and is currently available on the Microsoft Store as a free app.

The first video titled Windows Mixed Reality: An Evolution for Education was played during Microsoft’s Learn What’s Next special event in May 2017 from New York.

A second video titled More Engaged Students Through Mixed Reality which focussed just on Canberra Grammar School and HoloElements was released on 28 June 2017 via Microsoft’s social channels.

It was an amazing experience being featured by Microsoft, particularly providing an opportunity for our students to showcase their work, developing for such a cutting-edge technology, to the world.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of the film shoot — it was a pretty big deal, and very exciting for us all.

Thank you to Microsoft for allowing us to share our story, and also to the production team in Sydney, Los Angeles, and Redmond for putting together an awesome series of videos!