This is WWDC 2017.

This is WWDC 2017.

And these are our five WWDC scholars.

The Canberra Grammar School Code Cadets have traditionally had a very good representation at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference — one of the most prestigious developer conferences in the world.

Apple awards 350 student scholarships worldwide to all schools and universities. To apply, the students need to write an app which demonstrates their programming skills using the latest Apple technologies.

In 2015, three of our students were awarded scholarships to WWDC — out of six in Australia.

In 2016, two of our students were awarded scholarships — out of eight in Australia.

This year, an unprecedented five of our students were awarded WWDC scholarships — out of ten in Australia: Zack Noyes (Year 9), Jack Carey (Year 10), Marcus Gellel (Year 10), George Dan (Year 11), and Joseph Fergusson (Year 11).

Our WWDC17 scholars — Marcus, Zack, Joseph, George, and Jack

Our scholars spent the week at WWDC learning about new technologies which will be available in the latest releases of Apple platforms. Of particular interest for our students was the introduction of ARKit for iOS (allowing for augmented reality apps) and also CoreML (for machine learning).

In addition to attending WWDC, we took our scholars for a full day programme to visit the headquarters of Google, Facebook, and Apple for special inside VIP tours.

Thank you to Apple for an amazing week at WWDC, and also our friends at Google, Facebook, and Apple for inviting us to visit and spending the day with us!