Popcorn, propeller hats, and programming.

Popcorn, propeller hats, and programming.

…all part of the Code Cadets 2017 launch!

This year we have welcomed our brand new intake of Year 7 and 8 Code Cadets — our biggest group ever, with 122 boys and girls learning coding and programming.

Combined with an additional 48 students participating in Code Cadets Extension (our group for students who are already comfortable programmers, and want to take their skills further) we have 170 students choosing to participate in Code Cadets, meeting after school each week to learn new skills in programming and software development.

The Year 7 and 8 Code Cadets programme kicked-off on Wednesday 15 February in the Snow Centre with the launch event.

Upon arrival, all our new Year 7 Code Cadets were given their swag — consisting of a newb propeller hat, Code Cadets lanyard for locker keys, and Codie and Codette stickers.

Our Year 8 Code Cadets also got some great freebies, but instead of a propeller had they have graduated to pixel sunglasses.

There was also popcorn, drinks, and a photobooth to keep everyone fed and entertained before the main part of the evening commenced:

We had our fantastic Year 10 and 11 Mentors on hand to help with check-in and ensure that the event ran smoothly.

The event kicked-off with a short talk about the history and evolution of the Code Cadets at Canberra Grammar School.

Followed by talks from our Code Cadets Tutors — graduates of Canberra Grammar School (and the Code Cadets programme), now studying Software Engineering and Computer Science at the ANU.

Our Year 10 and 11 Mentors, who provide help and guidance to our Year 7 and 8 Code Cadets, and spoke about their experiences.

And the evening concluded with, as you would expect, magic!

A big thanks to the entire crew who made this event possible.