Flag captured.

Flag captured.

Code Cadets place 4th in BSides Canberra CTF competition.

During March, Year 11 Software Design and Development attended the BSides Canberra computer security and hacking conference. As part of this, a team of six senior Code Cadets from the class formed a team to participate in the highly competitive Capture the Flag competition — where teams solve security-related tasks from a variety of categories, including cryptography, digital forensics, wireless networks, reverse engineering, web apps, and owning (or pwning) Internet of Things devices.

The Code Cadets were the only school-based team in the competition, holding their own against seasoned professionals to finish 4th in a field of over 50 teams.

The CTF scoreboard at the end of the event.

Canberra-based tech security firm Ionize sponsored the BSidesCbr CTF competition this year and their Managing Director, Andrew Muller, said:

a particularly impressive performance was displayed by the Code Cadets who held their own against seasoned information security professionals. In addition, they discovered a never before seen vulnerability in a commercial device, known as a zero-day exploit, a feat that was applauded by the crowd of 700 security professionals that attended the conference from around the country and the globe.

The CGS Code Cadets CTF team consisted of Year 11 students Damian Camilleri, George Dan, Joseph Fergusson, Robin Hodda, Sam Reading-Thompson, and Jonathon Soper.

The team won $200 for their 4th place in the CTF competition, but to add on to this, in an act of incredible generosity and comradery, the 1st place team Cybears donated their $500 prize to the Code Cadets. Via Twitter, the Cybears said ‘We were impressed with your skill and determination, and are proud to foster the future of InfoSec in Canberra.’

Cybears (1st place) and the Code Cadets (4th place).

‘BSidesCbr is committed to advancing the state of computer security in Australia and promoting education and growth within the community. We were very impressed with the Code Cadets — their willingness to learn and participate was first rate’ said Kylie Peak and Silvio Cesare, BSidesCbr organisers.

BSidesCbr will run again in 2018 at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC), with plans to cater for up to 1,500 attendees.

CTF write-ups

The team has put together write-ups for several of the challenges they solved at BSides Canberra.